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The Lion Sleeps Tonight

My best wishes are with Senator Kennedy while he recovers.

There is not much that I can say about my feelings towards this man that will top what Jack Newfield said in his article in The Nationin 2005:

Now, forty years later, Ted Kennedy looks like the best and most effective senator of the past hundred years. He has followed the counsel of his first Senate tutor, Phil Hart of Michigan, who told him you can accomplish anything in Washington if you give others the credit. Kennedy has drafted and shaped more landmark legislation than liberal giants like Robert Wagner, Hubert Humphrey, Estes Kefauver and Herbert Lehmann. He has survived tragedy and scandal, endured presidential defeat, right-wing demonization, ridicule by TV comics. Now, at 70, he has evolved into a joyous Job. His career has become an atonement for one night of indefensible behavior, when he failed to report the fatal 1969 accident in which he drove off the bridge at Chappaquiddick, leaving a young woman to drown in the car. He has converted persistence into redemption.

In 1985 Kennedy forever renounced seeking the presidency, declaring, "The pursuit of the presidency is not my life. Public service is." By abandoning higher ambition, he found a form of liberation. He had nothing left to lose. The weight of the country's-and his family's-expectations was lifted from his shoulders. His motives were perceived as less calculating and self-aggrandizing. He could settle into the Senate for the long march. He could become a patient and disciplined legislator without feeling like a failure. When the GOP won control of the Senate in 1994 and some Democrats, like George Mitchell, quit after losing their leadership posts and committee chairmanships, Kennedy stayed and fought in the trenches.

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You, in fact, are the sheriff.

Wow. I'd thought that Eric Clapton was a jerk for years before, anyway, but reading this one just sort of made my eyes pop a bit. If I were to try and put it into an emoticon, it would be something like this: o_0.

Perhaps it really is time to get rid of all those Cream cd's.


A hardworking white American wins West Virginia

Hillary's Political Mentor

There were so many cheap shots I was prepared to make when I began listening to Lurleen Wallace Senator Hillary Clinton give her victory speech in West Virginia. It could have been fun to put a picture of someone in Klan robes up there and say, "NINE WEST AND HILLARY CLINTON BRING YOU THIS DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY'S LATEST STYLES" or something like that. I could have had some fun with her on-again, off-again Southern accent. But, in the end, my great maturity won out. (I can't guarantee that that will remain as I listen to her keep speaking, though.)

So why George Wallace? Read on and find out. [...]

Shorter Vito Fossella

Shorter Vito Fossella:

""Eh, oh, quit breaking my balls! I did the right thing by my comare, okay? At least I didn't tell the bitch to have an abortion. Give me some credit over here!

I advise that you read the full story. It's definitely a hoot.

Oh, one other thing.

Dear God,

Thank you so much for your steady stream of Republicans for me to mock. Without this daily laughter in my life, I'm not sure what kind of emotional state I'd be in. Your continuing this supply is greatly appreciated.



p.s. Maybe not so much with the Nazi Republicans?

A bit of clarity...

My good friend Kevin Sullivan was kind enough to give us a shoutout in his most recent post.

Her bid represented the last gasp of the "New Deal Coalition," which had become synonymous with the Democratic Party itself (causing much consternation for my friend Dheeraj). Obama has ostensibly reorganized the coalition, uniting black voters, young voters and college-educated whites behind his message. It's not clear yet if Clinton's support base will return home to the party, but I think it's safe to say that the Democrats need these new voters pulled in by Obama's candidacy.

I suppose that Kevin is thinking of comments that I've made in my most recent post and here.

There's more. [...]

In politics, sometimes you have to point fingers.

There are few phrases that I find more trite, meaningless and irritating than "The Nuclear Option". First of all, it's a stupid metaphor. There are truly very, very few things in politics that would be in any way close to the equivalent of launching a nuclear weapon, no matter how strongly we may feel about the issue. Secondly, it's so over-used that God only knows what it refers to. When I first saw this headline, I figured that the Clinton campaign has somehow found a tactical use for eliminating judicial filibusters in the Senate. But, alas, no. This ridiculous phrase has found its way to describing the next big thing that any political reporter would caption with "ZOMFG" if he were speaking in lolspeak.

(I seriously imagine to myself sometimes that political reporters live for situations where they can say, "I CAN HAS MANUFACTURED CRISIS? YAYES!", but that's a whole different post.)

Anyway, let's take a little trip down the Memory Hole and see what we can make of this whole Florida and Michigan situation, and figure out where we need to point fingers.

(There's more) [...]

Into the Liars' Den

So it wouldn't be a Dheeraj post if it weren't full off piss, vinegar, bravado and bluster. Let's just get that out of the way. Here's what I have to say about Senator Clinton's appearance on Fox: desperation is the least attractive quality in a candidate. There's more [...]

Back For REAL

Hey, everyone,

As you've noticed, posting on this blog from everyone's favourite Indian has been lighter than McCain on policy, and I know that I've promised a change before, but two things have changed.

1. I'm no longer working in polling, so the hours aren't as crazy, and I'm not bound by confidentiality.
2. I'm back from India. YAY.

So, here we go, back into Dheeraj's observations. :)


She Couldn't Help Herself

Just when I was almost ready to be proud of Hillary Clinton for not stepping into the mess that has been the Jeremiah Wright story, she goes and shows why she cannot unite this country. Rather than taking the high road and not responding to what is clearly a personal decision concerning one's faith, she just had to weigh in. Once again self preservation has overruled prudence for Mrs. Clinton. In an effort to flip the script from her lying about Bosnia, she just couldn't help herself from criticizing Barack Obama's decision to remain a member of his church. It is precisely this attitude of Senator Clinton that has caused her to alienate and lose the support of blacks that she once commanded. It now seems that her campaign has written off the black vote for the primaries in the hope that they can regain it if she receives the nomination. The Clinton campaign continues to play politics as usual taking the black vote for granted believing come November they will have no place else to go.

With A Friend Like Him

As if things in America were not hard enough for blacks, what with Barack Obama having to explain and denounce his relationship with his "angry" black pastor to ease the fears of his white supporters. It is amazing to me how we allow and accept comments from whites without so much as a whimper, but let a black man say them and all hell breaks loose. It is this double standard and hypocrisy that created the "invisible" Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. I call him invisible because unfortunately for him he is too black to be white and too white to be black. He is lost in a false reality that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. He is a black man that hates black people, what a terrible place that must be.

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